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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 7, 2013 9:55pm-10:01pm EST

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>> it is. i have done so much before, one of the things bows of publishing is that you can make it exactly the way you want to read you can give it the paper quality you want, design it the way you want, choose the curtains you want and get your best friend to the editor. it was a great experience. >> on the cover, is this an original drawing just for the book? >> it is. but together all the characters, and i've probably done every major head of state and covered every major issue. and many of these people, of course, saw the curtains as well >> you can see george bush and margaret thatcher, barack obama. is this even in the mall of. >> the pen is mightier than this war to my say. >> inside are a couple of others. think big, mr. president. also something. where do you, but the concept on
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a drawing like this? we're talking about the one with the sole print. >> i have done over 140 covers of the economists of the years and about 4,000 cartoons. there is a little different process for both. the covers, working with the editors because they have the story. they often come upon a monday and said we're thinking of doing something like this. i will feed them some ideas. when we sign of an 36 hours to doom the whole project. it's much more like a column. my own idea on the story of the week. coming about the idea. >> how do you prepare? >> one of the things of being a political cartoonist, i would like to think is different than all my other journalistic colleagues. i have to cover local cartoons, national, international. the world is my oyster. keeping a but everything, the hardest part of the job really. listening to the radio, watching
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c-span, this great stuff, but it is a never-ending task. >> how long did take you to draw on the -- draw the cover. >> this took me about three days to do, much longer than would normally take. this is much larger than that. so a great undertaking. >> ready you do your work? >> i started to work for a 11 years in the uk. came up and became a cartoonist for the baltimore sun and also you nbc. so i do my daily cut-ins', but i also on behalf of the economists said do a lot of traveling in and about ready to do an asian tour, but wherever i am will be doing my cartoon. >> self published. where can people find daggers' trying? >> well, you can get it from my website you will also see
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available at the economist bookstores in. either way and recommend come and visit. i hope they enjoy the book. >> editorial cartoonist for the economy. >> here is a look as some of the best-selling nonfiction books. this reflects sales as of november 1st. giving the alliance by malcolm landreau questioning people rebellious authority. you can once and discuss his book online at second is the bully pulpit by pulitzer prize-winning historic she examines the relationship. sphere
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>> up next on book tv, after words. this week sociologists michael kimmel and his book angry white men. american masculinity at the end of an era. in it, the stony brook university professor argues that many white men see increased gender and racial equality is a major contributor to their downward mobility and they're angry about the declining dominance in american society. this program is about an hour. ..


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